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Apex–Brinkman PCA Conference 2017

June 28, 2016
Apex-Brinkman PCA Conference

The 14th Protected Cropping Australia (PCA) conference, to be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia, from 9-12 July 2017, will be called the Apex–Brinkman PCA Conference 2017. The partnership between APEX Greenhouses, Brinkman Australia and PCA reflects a long history of involvement and service to the Australian greenhouse and hydroponic industry. Read More »

Greenhouse Technical Management Course

June 26, 2016
Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE

This course is specifically designed to develop high level technical and management skills for growers in protected cropping, suppliers of hydroponic equipment, agronomists, and horticultural researchers and educators. Read More »

Piñata Farms launches substrate strawberries

June 16, 2016
Substrate trawberry farm

Leading Australian strawberry producer, Piñata Farms, will for the first time, produce substrate strawberries in polytunnels at its Wamuran farm on the Sunshine Coast this Southern Hemisphere winter. Read More »

Innovative Priva Deleafing Robot

June 12, 2016
Priva deleafing robot

On the first day of GreenTech 2016, Priva will introduce a deleafing robot to the market. This robot will be the first product, worldwide, that provides growers with an economically viable alternative for manual deleafing of tomato crops. Three major growers from the consortium involved in the development, Lans, Prominent and Vereijken Kwekerijen expressed their commitment and will start working with the robot. The Priva Deleafing Robot is the first in a series of solutions for automated crop labour in horticulture. The official names of both this first robot as well as the series will be announced at GreenTech. Read More »

New screening software

June 3, 2016
New 'Connected Screening' software

New screening software allows full control over humidity transfer, light transmission and energy savings. The ‘Connected Screening’ module introduced by Hoogendoorn and Svensson connects the advanced software of the Hoogendoorn iSii process computer with a wide range of Svensson climate screens to allow full control over humidity transfer, light transmission and energy savings. Read More »

Water quality needed for different hydroponic crops?

June 1, 2016
Rick Donnan

I am considering setting up a small commercial hydroponic farm using a recirculating system. I have read that water quality is very important for hydroponics, especially when recirculating. Is this correct and can you give me some guidelines as to the quality required to grow different crops in hydroponics?

Answer by RICK DONNAN Read More »

Intuitive Online Farm Safety Program

June 1, 2016
Steven Carruthers

The Internet as an education tool continues to throw up new training concepts. The latest is a pre-employment 40-minute intuitive online farm safety induction program, which is targeted at field and seasonal workers, and backpackers working the harvest trail. Read More »