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New base for AIS Greenworks

July 28, 2015
Basic CMYK

AIS Greenworks have taken the first step in their endeavours to better service clients in Central and Western Australia by opening a store in the growers’ heartland of Virginia, on the rural outskirts of Adelaide, South Australia. Read More »

Reducing Food Waste

July 1, 2015
Steven Carruthers

Ordering fresh fruit and veg online is not a new concept. In Australia, Coles and Woolworths supermarkets, and farmers markets such as Harris Farms, aussiefarmers and sydneyfresh, all offer online shopping for fresh food, including free home delivery offers. Among the mix are also many online specialty e-services such as charlesfruitmarket, doorsteporganics, thelettuceshop and buyfruit that offer ‘Australian grown’ and organic produce. Read More »

How can I change a fertiliser formulation?

July 1, 2015
Rick Donnan

I have recently gotten into hydroponics and came across your blog containing much detailed information. I am trying to move away from buying expensive pre-mixed solutions to making my own. I have a query about DIY soluble fertilisers and hope you could help.

I might buy the following fertiliser: N = 6%; P2O5 = 12%; K2O = 36%; MgO = 2.5%; SO3 = 10%; Ca = 0%. It also includes trace elements B, Cu, Fe, Mo, Mn, Zn.

I want to upgrade the N content to 20 and P to 18. What do I need to buy to do that? Also I have seen all commercial soluble fertilisers do not have Calcium, so how do I add this to my mix and in what dosage? Will adding Calcium affect the NPK?   Answer by RICK DONNAN
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Flowers for bees

July 1, 2015
Honey bee on lavender.

One of Melbourne’s largest florists is behind a movement to encourage more people to grow bee-friendly plants and flowers in their home gardens while at the same time reducing the use of pesticides. By CHRISTINE BROWN-PAUL Read More »

Netherlands minister inspects Woodhouse Station foreign trade project

June 26, 2015
Cr Nola Dunn (Deputy Mayor - Melton City Council), Cr Intaj Khan (Wyndham City Council), Cr Peter Gibbons (Wyndham City Council), Mr Simon Smits (Vice-Minister for Foreign Trade Kingdom of the Netherlands), Cr Peter Maynard (Mayor - Wyndham City Council), Cr Sophie Ramsey (Mayor - Melton City Council), Ms Lilian Mellink (Policy Advisor Trade and Economic Affairs – Kingdom of the Netherlands) and Mr Antony Baillieu (Woodhouse Pastoral Company).

The second largest food exporter in the world, the Netherlands, has sent its Vice-Minister for Foreign Trade, Mr Simon Smits, to inspect the Woodhouse Station glasshouse project near Eynesbury, Victoria. The visit by Mr Smits and other officials follows a similar visit earlier this year by the Netherland’s Consul-General to tour Woodhouse Station, which is modeled on the successful Netherland’s horticulture industry and has the potential to create up to 4000 new jobs. Read More »

Bumblebee and fungicide research

June 22, 2015

Bees provide vital pollination services to the majority of flowering plants in both natural and agricultural systems. Unfortunately, both native and managed bee populations are experiencing declines, threatening the persistence of these plants and crops. Agricultural chemicals are one possible culprit contributing to bee declines. Read More »

New ‘Australian Made’ Campaign

June 19, 2015
Australian Made_Full colour logo_CMYK

A national campaign will launch this week to remind consumers how to identify genuine Aussie products and produce. The Government is currently working to introduce a mandatory country-of-origin symbol for food products, but until that symbol is introduced, the Australian Made, Australian Grown kangaroo logo will remain Australia’s only registered country-of-origin certification trade mark for the full range of locally made and grown goods. Read More »