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Have your say to help shape a better imported food system

August 22, 2016
Barnaby Joyce

To avoid a repeat of the 2015 imported frozen berries incident the Coalition is introducing a new food safety system, with importers and other stakeholders now able to have their say on the potential business impacts of a range of proposed changes. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Barnaby Joyce said today’s release of a consultation Regulation Impact Statement for public comment will help strengthen Australia’s imported food safety system. Read More »

Inaugural Australian Flowers Week

August 20, 2016
Australian Flowers Week


The inaugural Australian Flowers Week will be held this Southern Hemisphere spring between Saturday 17 September to Sunday 25 September to celebrate the beauty of Australian fresh flowers and foliage. Australian Flowers Week is an annual celebration of the beauty and diversity of Australia’s fantastic fresh flower and foliage industry. It recognises the value of flowers to Australian’s lives by hosting a number of events and activities that focus on flowers. Read More »

Adjustable spectrum LED technology

August 11, 2016

Prestige LED Grow Solutions has introduced the K5 series grow lights to the Australian market. This revolutionary series of LED grow lights consume approximately half the electricity and produces a fraction of the heat of HID lighting. Adjustable spectrum technology is available on the Kind LED Grow Lights that Prestige are distributing. More information at

Greenhouse growers’ workshop

August 7, 2016
Marcus Brandsema, PCA Director

Protected Cropping Australia (PCA), the peak industry body representing commercial hydroponic and greenhouse growers Australiawide, is hosting a free workshop in Devonport, Tasmania, on 16 August 2016. Topics include greenhouse technology, presented by Tony Bundock (Powerplants Australia); how to grow medicinal cannabis, presented by Pat Darbyshire (Lifestyle Gardens); water and nutrient analysis by Michael Ruffles (Agvita);  coco peat for berries, by Martin Vadakekuttu; irrigating for greenhouse crops (Irrigation Tasmania); and the Safe Farming Tasmania Program, to be presented by Philip John (TAS Worksafe). The workshop includes lunch, and visits to  Blokker Freesia Tasmania and Agvita Analytical Laboratory. Read More »

ChemClear on the way to NSW

August 3, 2016

Farmers and other agvet chemical users across New South Wales have another opportunity to dispose of their unwanted chemicals as ChemClear schedules a State collection commencing in October. 

This year’s run will be NSW’s 6th state collection since the program kicked off in 2003.  Since then more than 130 tonne of waste chemical has been collected in NSW for safe disposal, and a total of 527 tonne nationally through the stewardship program. Read More »

How do I convert a formula in ppm to amounts of individual fertilisers?

August 1, 2016
Rick Donnan

I have received several successfully proved formulas for the crops I grow, however they are expressed as ppm (parts per million) of the various nutrient ions. How to do convert these to the practical amounts of fertiliser to use?

Answer by RICK DONNAN Read More »

Food Recall Plan

August 1, 2016
Steven Carruthers

Food safety is an issue that should be foremost in the minds of everyone involved in the supply of fresh food products. Following highly publicised foodborne illnesses worldwide, in this issue we focus on food safety with news of electrifying new technology for sanitising fresh produce; rapid infrared analysis, which could streamline food processing tests in the production line; and a commercial grower’s experience conducting a fresh food recall. Read More »