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20th Greenhouse Technical Management Course

Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE

Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE

Supported by peak industry body Protected Cropping Australia (PCA), the 20th ‘Greenhouse Technical Management Course’ is scheduled for Devonport, Tasmania, from 10-14 October 2016. This course is specifically designed to develop high level technical and management skills of growers in protected cropping, suppliers of hydroponic equipment, agronomists, and horticultural researchers and educators. Attendees can expect a couple of nice surprises to help celebrate this 20th course milestone.

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Australian Greenhouse Construction Code

Australian Greenhouse building code

The creation and implementation of a nationally recognised greenhouse standard within the framework of the Australian building code.

Hort Innovation has recently engaged Osborn Consulting Engineers to ‘develop technical guidelines based on the findings of VG13055 – Building Codes and Greenhouse Construction for inclusion in the National Construction Code’. Essentially, Osborn has been engaged to take a proposal to the National Construction Code (NCC) for the creation and implementation of a nationally recognised greenhouse standard within the framework of the building code. See More

Potential for more than 5000 jobs as Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme progresses

A proposal to expand the use of recycled water for primary production in the Northern Adelaide Plains suggests there is the potential to create more than 5000 jobs. The water would help produce crops in high-tech greenhouses which maximise production and water-use efficiency, while also minimising the requirement for water storage in winter.  See More

Naming and shaming Australia’s most unwanted pests

Varroa destructor

The 1.5mm-long parasite, Varroa destructor, is the apex pest of honey bees worldwide, hindering the beneficial insects’ ability to pollinate a range of fruit, vegetable, flower and nut crops. (Image courtesy of the US Dept. Of Agriculture, Agriculture Research Service)

Crippled plant industries, trade suspensions and a devastated environment—Australia’s Top 40 National Priority Plant Pests have damaging potential, from vine-attacking bacteria to a giant snail. Australian Chief Plant Protection officer, Dr Kim Ritman, said the Top 40 pests include a range of exotic invertebrates and pathogens that pose the most significant threat on a national scale.  See More

Productivity Commission report validates industry’s concerns over backpacker tax

Leading horticulture body AUSVEG has today welcomed the public release of the Productivity Commission’s report on migrant intake into Australia, with the organisation renewing its calls for the Australian Government to remove the proposed ‘backpacker tax’. See More

Bushfire season start may be delayed, but fuel loads likely to be higher

Firefighters and farmers are among those bracing themselves for the next bushfire season. Today, the Bushfires and Natural Hazards CRC released its outlook for southern Australia’s 2016 bushfire season. It predicts that in many parts of Australia the start of the bushfire season may be delayed due to higher levels of rainfall throughout spring, but that fuel loads are also likely to increase as a result. See More

AUSVEG and PMA-ANZ combine forces to host joint industry event in 2017

AUSVEG Convention 2016

AUSVEG  and PMA-ANZ joint industry conference 2017.

AUSVEG and PMA Australia-New Zealand Limited (PMA-ANZ) will unite to deliver a joint industry conference and trade show in 2017, marking an historic partnership between two of horticulture’s leading organisations. The event will be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre at a date to be confirmed in May or June. The Memorandum of Understanding between AUSVEG and PMA-ANZ will effectively combine two of the industry’s biggest conventions to provide growers and whole-of-supply-chain companies and organisations with the most significant horticulture event in the Australasian region. See More

Australians take fresh approach to vegetable shopping

Australian shopping habits are changing rapidly to accommodate busier, more time-poor lifestyles, with new research suggesting that consumers’ fresh vegetable purchasing patterns are shifting dramatically away from having a routine towards making on-the-spot decisions. The latest findings from Project Harvest, a consumer research study commissioned by Horticulture Innovation Australia, show that the proportion of Australians who purchase the same fresh vegetables every shopping trip as part of their routine has nearly halved – from 59% down to 30%. See More

Have your say to help shape a better imported food system

Barnaby Joyce

Barnaby Joyce

To avoid a repeat of the 2015 imported frozen berries incident the Coalition is introducing a new food safety system, with importers and other stakeholders now able to have their say on the potential business impacts of a range of proposed changes. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Barnaby Joyce said today’s release of a consultation Regulation Impact Statement for public comment will help strengthen Australia’s imported food safety system. See More

Inaugural Australian Flowers Week


Australian Flowers Week

The inaugural Australian Flowers Week will be held this Southern Hemisphere spring between Saturday 17 September to Sunday 25 September to celebrate the beauty of Australian fresh flowers and foliage. Australian Flowers Week is an annual celebration of the beauty and diversity of Australia’s fantastic fresh flower and foliage industry. It recognises the value of flowers to Australian’s lives by hosting a number of events and activities that focus on flowers. See More