GM in agriculture

The call by the Agricultural Biotechnology Council for the UK government to set a strategy for agricultural growth, which includes GM technology, has been welcomed by the organisers of CropWorld Global, the international agri-business conference which will be held in London in November this year.

“Britain needs to embrace new technology when it comes to farming and food production,” said Clare King of CropWorld Global.

“With a growing world population and increasing pressure on the world’s finite resources, the UK must make use of all available technologies. The rest of the world looks to the UK for our own and other’s benefits, we must not be Luddite,” she said.

In the Agricultural Biotechnology Council’s recent ‘Going for Growth’ report, the Council called for a long-term strategy for British agriculture, which included embracing GM technology as a means of meeting the demands of a growing global population by producing more food sustainably. CropWorld Global will be examining all methods of farming and food production under the theme of sustainable intensification.

“We should not shut the door to any technology, old or new, in order to meet the increased requirements of feeding the world,” said added.

“At CropWorld Global we want to ensure that the best technology is available to all and we welcome the Agricultural Biotechnology Council’s call for a strategy for agriculture, which includes GM technology.”

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