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Hydroponic Gardening (download)

Hydroponic Gardening
After your first harvest you will delight in how simple hydroponic gardening is, and how nutritious, flavoursome and fragrant hydroponically grown vegetables, fruit and flowers can be! Hydroponics for the home gardener is an economical and simple way to turn your backyard, no matter how big or small, or balcony into productive vegetable, herb and flower gardens. Hydroponic Gardening, designed for beginners of all ages, teaches the basics of hydroponic gardening—how to grow hydroponic plants from seed, and to feed them with naturally balanced nutrients. It also shows you how to transplant plants from soil to hydroponics and how to take clones from valuable plant stock for hydroponic cultivation. Once your hydroponic garden is established, learn all about: • the fundamental principles of nutrient management and nutrition • how to recognise and remedy nutritional disorders • how to combat pests and diseases the natural way • how to maintain an ecological balance in your hydroponic garden. Whether you seek an ambitious hydroponics scheme or simply an answer to growing a few pots on your balcony, this ebook should help you by providing practical advice and answers to your questions, easy or difficult, to extend your success as a hydroponic gardener. More Info »
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by Steven Carruthers

Greener Greenhouses (download)

Greener Greenhouses
Over the last 50 years, there has been enormous expansion in the use of greenhouses worldwide. Much of this growth has taken place in countries such as Australia, where the climate is very different from that in Northern Europe, where the earliest developments in modern greenhouse design and operation first took place. In recent years, there have been significant advances in the improvement of greenhouse environments, specifically in greenhouse design, covering materials and environmental control technologies. Energy efficiency for heating, ventilation and cooling, and climate control systems that provide growing environments that accord with the plants’ optimum environmental conditions, are now important considerations. Climate variability, extreme levels of solar radiation and relative humidity present particular problems for Australian greenhouse growers who are, at the same time, experiencing an increasing demand for the production of high quality vegetable, flower and ornamental plants at competitive prices. Greener Greenhouses is the result of years of research and experience by the author in the field of greenhouse construction, design and technology. Presenting practical advice to help growers identify and attain optimum growing conditions in the greenhouse, the authoratative text is an essential handbook for greenhouse growers located in warm countries. e-Book 2016 Format - More Info »
Price: $19.95
by Steven Carruthers

Nutrient Handbook (download)

Nutrient Handbook
A guide for beginners. The Nutrient Handbook is an authoritative entry-level text on the hydroponic nutrient solution. In six chapters, this book looks at the difference between liquid and powdered nutrients, single-packs or twin-packs, grow and bloom formulations, and organic nutrients. The author examines nutrient concentrations and the availability of nutrient elements to plants, and looks in detail at chemical tests, reverse osmosis, disinfection of water, and the importance of aeration. The author explores the importance of nutrient solution temperature, nutrient strength (electrical conductivity), and the acidity/alkalinity (pH) of the nutrient solution. The author outlines 10 steps to determine nutrient deficiencies, and examines common nutritional disorders. He also provides expert advise on how to correct nutritional problems. Well illustrated throughout with photographs, charts and tables, this book is as much for the beginner as it is for the seasoned grower. e-Book 2016 Format: PDF - Pages 56 (Also available as print edition) ISBN 978-0-9775063-2-3 (Upon purchase, download this e-Book directly from ‘Track Your Order’) CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Buying Hydroponic Nutrients Powders or Liquids? Single Packs or Twin Packs? Grow and Bloom Formulations Organic Nutrients What do the Numbers Mean? NPK Ratios HYDROPONIC CHEMICALS Nutrient Concentrations Availability of Nutrient Elements Make Your More Info »
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by Steven Carruthers

Hydroponically Speaking: CLONING (download)

The art of cloning is commonplace in horticulture today where plants are duplicated or multiplied using asexual methods. The procedure involves taking one cell of a plant in the form of a cutting to promote growth into another plant. For the ordinary gardener, cloning is a relatively simple but interesting process normally used for economic reasons to produce more versions of a favourite plant variety. In commercial ornamental, flower and vegetable production, cloning is used to improve plant stock, to produce insect and disease resistant plant varieties or to produce plant species that are more adaptable to the vagaries of climate. Divided into 10 sections, Hydroponically Speaking Cloning outlines the basic rules for successful cloning, which starts with choosing and creating the most suitable plant material. The esection on setting up offers a budget method of cloning for the beginner. This is folowed by a step-by-step guide to cloning valuable plant stock from cutting to transplanting and growing on. The author discusses the cloning environment in practical detail, and outlines what to expect from your new plants in those early development stages. The last two sections examine growth regulators used in commercial ornamental cut flower production and the ‘Sea of More Info »
Price: $19.95
by Steven Carruthers

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