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Converting to hydroponics (dvd)

An authoritative DVD manual with videos to help growers thinking about converting to hydroponics. For many growers, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in new high-tech greenhouses is not an option. However a step-by-step conversion of their existing structures may be feasible. 'Converting to hydroponics' takes growers through the decision making process of converting to hydroponics, making sure growers understand both the benefits and limitations of hydroponic systems. This commercial hydroponic growers manual was produced by researchers from South Australia R&D Institute (SARDI) and the NSW Department of Primary Industries in collaboration with growers and consultants. The project was funded by the vegetable levy through Horticulture Australia Limited.
Price: $24.95
by Steven Carruthers

Hydroponic Gardening (dvd)

After your first harvest you will delight in how simple hydroponic gardening is, and how nutritious, flavoursome and fragrant hydroponically grown vegetables, fruit and flowers can be! Hydroponics for the home gardener is an economical and simple way to turn your backyard, no matter how big or small, or balcony into productive vegetable, herb and flower gardens. Hydroponic Gardening, designed for beginners of all ages, teaches the basics of hydroponic gardening—how to grow hydroponic plants from seed, and to feed them with naturally balanced nutrients. It also shows you how to transplant plants from soil to hydroponics and how to take clones from valuable plant stock for hydroponic cultivation. Once your hydroponic garden is established, learn all about: • the fundamental principles of nutrient management and nutrition • how to recognise and remedy nutritional disorders • how to combat pests and diseases the natural way • how to maintain an ecological balance in your hydroponic garden. Whether you seek an ambitious hydroponics scheme or simply an answer to growing a few pots on your balcony, this ebook should help you by providing practical advice and answers to your questions, easy or difficult, to extend your success as a hydroponic gardener. More Info »
Price: $24.95
by Steven Carruthers

Millennium Collection 1991-2012 (dvd)

The Millennium Collection DVD contains every issue of Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses magazine since the first issue, from November/December 1991 through to November/December 2012 (Issue 1 - Issue 127). Fully indexed, each issue is in PDF format. This special DVD celebrates 20 years of publishing, with many articles as relevant today as they were when first published. To quickly access articles of interest, look for the interactive links on the Index Page, front covers, and contents pages. The Millennium Collection interactive DVD is a great educational resource for educators, researchers, students, as well as new and experienced hydroponic and greenhouse growers.
Price: $75.00
by Steven Carruthers

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