The ABC of NFT

The ABC of the Nutrient Film Technique

Author Dr Allen Cooper

The world’s first method of crop production without a solid rooting medium.

Dr Allen Cooper devised the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) and perfected its practical application through his research work at the Glasshouse Crops Research Institute in the United Kingdom. The development of commercial NFT cropping enterprises around the world has been mainly due to the work contained in this visionary book. But even today, the full scope of Dr Cooper’s vision for NFT has not been fully explored.

When first published in 1970, The ABC of NFT quickly established itself around the world as the ‘hydroponic NFT bible’. Now, reprinted, it remains the expert text on the practical application of the nutrient film technique in horticulture.

In his foreword, Dr Cooper throws out some challenges for the global horticultural community to take up, and suggests that we have not yet written the last word on the intriguing relationship between plants and nutrients in a soilless environment.

Large format softcover – Pages 174 – Wt 650gm – Ed. 2008

ISBN 0 9586735 0 0



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