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New Light Paradigm

April 1, 2015
Steven Carruthers

The rapid advancement of light and light-based technologies over recent years signals a new paradigm. In much the same way that digital technology changed our daily lives, so too are advancements in light technology. From elementary indicator lamps in calculators and microwave ovens, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and laser technology have advanced to applications such as street lighting, stadium and building lighting, aviation and automobile lights, traffic signals, camera flashes, phototherapy to diagnose and treat medical conditions, food production and pest control. The list of new light applications grows almost by the day. Read More »

South-East Asia Sojourn

April 1, 2015
Aeroponic seed potato production in Thailand overcomes constraints such as pest and diseases.

Dr MIKE NICHOLS is an inveterate traveller, attending horticulture conferences around the world as a speaker and journalist. In this article, he visits Singapore’s Sky Green project and conducts a training course in Thailand on aeroponics seed potato production. Read More »

What do we need to do to eliminate the need to water leach?

March 31, 2015
Rick Donnan

I read the response to the inquiry, ‘Should I flush my growing medium?’ in your magazine. My question is, “what do we need to do to eliminate the need to water leach”, which means matching the nutrient solution formulation and its use factors based on the water-holding capacity of the rooting medium, which no one is investigating. So, we slosh on the nutrient solution and then monitor the EC of the retained solution, and at some point water leach to remove the accumulated ion, known as ‘salts’. What a waste! Read More »

Greenhouse Technical Management Course

March 24, 2015

From the Certificate IV in Production Horticulture, this course is specifically designed to develop high level technical and management skills of: growers in protected cropping, suppliers of hydroponic equipment, agronomists and horticultural researchers and educators. Read More »

Mexican Hydroponics Congress 2015

March 21, 2015

The Mexican Hydroponic Association has resheduled the 9th International Congress Course and Hydroponics at the College of Civil Engineering Mexico (CICEM), in the State of Toluca, for 15-17 October 2015. This biennial Congress will have a strong focus on urban hydroponics, vertical gardens and ‘Simplified’ hydroponic techniques.

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Competition sheds light on agricultural science

March 19, 2015

School students around the country will be learning some important lessons on photosynthesis with this year’s Hermitage Research Facility Schools Plant Science Competition theme – No light…no life! Read More »


March 19, 2015
TropAg2015 copy

The inaugural Tropical Agriculture Conference 2015 (TropAg2015) will be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre from 16-18 November. Themed, ‘Meeting the Productivity Challenge in the Tropics’, the  event will focus on the biggest challenges of our lifetime – how to feed an increasing population in the tropics? And what are the opportunities presented by rapidly rising living standards across Asia? Read More »