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What is the difference in results between soil and hydroponics?

August 4, 2014
Rick Donnan

I have noticed many different claims of the advantages of hydroponics over soil growing, especially a wide variation in figures for relative yields and water use. Are there any standard and reputable data available? Read More »

New Industry Growth Phase

July 31, 2014
Steven Carruthers

The Hydroponics Farmers Federation conference, recently held at Club Mulwala Resort, New South Wales, heralded a new growth phase for the Australian protected cropping industry with the inclusion of an aquaponics position within its charter. As far as I am aware, this is a first by an Australian commercial grower organisation and signals a broadening of the industry. Read More »

Innovation Under Glass

July 31, 2014
The new greenhouse is based on a greenhouse at the University of Wageningen in The Netherlands, with the ability to control carbon dioxide, light, temperature and greenhouse coverings.

With cutting edge design and unique features, a new, world-class greenhouse facility to be built at the University of Western Sydney will focus on research and development that is set to advance Australian horticulture.


Waste timber to produce energy for large glasshouse

July 31, 2014

Growing glasshouse crops with the help of timber from demolition sites is the grand plan of a new Victorian business. The consortium Sustainable Farms has announced that it wants to build a project which uses timber to power energy plants, which can then help grow indoor fruit and vegies. Michael Mifsud, from Sustainable Farms, says it’s a project that could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


IHC204 program at a glance

July 29, 2014
IHC_2014 Logo_CMYK

The seeds for the IHC 2014 have germinated and sprouted into a five-day jam-packed program that leaves no stone unturned. Having the growth cycle of an average potato, the Scientific Committee have laboured and toiled to produce an exciting and comprehensive crop of oral and poster presentations available on the horticultural landscape. Read More »

Trends in the Australian vegetable growing industry

July 29, 2014

The report Trends in the Australian vegetable growing industry: 2005-06 to 2012-13 is now available. The report finds that although the Australian vegetable industry has continued growing (in value terms) since the 1990s, the rate of growth has declined since 2005-06 , largely due to production costs outpacing vegetable receipts. Read More »

Top dollars lure Ag graduates

July 21, 2014

Agriculture graduates earn more than those entering into law, accounting and economic career. That’s one of the findings to come out of a national survey conducted by Rimfire Resources. The other good news is that up to 95% of graduates are finding full-time employment. Read More »