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New cucumbers bred for Australian greenhouses

June 20, 2014

ABC Rural reports every crunchy green Lebanese cucumber you eat in Australia has been grown using imported seeds. It’s a huge expense for the commercial grower, averaging $300 per 1000 seeds. Read More »

Jamie Oliver response to call for support labelled as ‘lame’ by industry

June 16, 2014

The Jamie Oliver Group has missed an opportunity to support Australian farmers and take a strong stand in the wake of public anger over a new marketing campaign being run by Woolworths in a recent letter from their offices in London. Growers from across the country have been making confidential complaints to AUSVEG over a new 40c a crate levy Woolworths are charging growers to fund their new marketing campaign in addition to the up to 5% marketing levy growers already pay the supermarket giant. Read More »

HAL project to eradicate fruit fly in WA

June 13, 2014

Western Australia could one day be fruit fly free with a new pilot program aiming to eradicate Mediterranean fruit fly (Medfly) in the state’s southwest horticulture precinct. Regarded as one of the major fruit and vegetable pests in the world, Medfly is worth more than $200 million per annum in damages caused to susceptible crops in Western Australia and market access restriction. Read More »

Warm winter prompts produce glut in Australia

June 13, 2014

A tomato and capsicum grower says unseasonably warm weather is triggering an oversupply from the country’s production areas. Gino Marcon, from Bundaberg in Queensland, says growth hasn’t slowed like it should coming into winter, causing overlaps between the southern and northern crops. He says it’s depressing prices for growers, but offering consumers a good deal. Read More »

Hoogendoorn launches new next generation iSii process computer at GreenTech

June 7, 2014

Hoogendoorn will introduce the next generation iSii process computer at  GreenTech (10-12 June) at Amsterdam RAI. The next generation iSii delivers the same user-friendly experience as the first generation iSii, yet with a new clean software interface, new features and high durable hardware. These product modifications extend product life span, increase user-friendliness and provide growers peace of mind. Read More »

Woolworths fury

June 7, 2014

AUSVEG is urgently calling on the ACCC to undertake immediate action to investigate the behaviour of Woolworths who are seeking enormous contributions from Australia’s horticulturalists to pay for their much touted Jamie Oliver campaign. Read More »

Digital magazines for Baby Boomers

May 31, 2014
Steven Carruthers

Since becoming a digital-only magazine, reader feedback has been excellent, mostly from ‘Generation Y’ and ‘Generation Z’ readers, many of whom have never experienced the pre-internet world. Many will go on to become tomorrow’s commercial growers, suppliers and industry researchers. However, for many Baby Boomers and ‘Generation X’ readers, transitioning from paper to digital magazines can be frustrating. Despite all the merits of digital publications, reading content on screen is not as ‘fluid’ as paper magazines. The main complaint is that it’s frustrating to zoom, read and scroll between double pages without interrupting the flow of information. Read More »