Issue 118: ‘Truss Me’ Tomato Campaign

The newly launched ‘Truss Me’ campaign sees the coming together of some major industry players to boost consumer awareness of vine-ripened, hydroponically grown tomatoes.

By Christine Paul

Truss tomatoes are sold on the vine or ‘truss’ – the longer a tomato is left on the vine, the sweeter and tastier it is. The tomatoes are easily identified by their green truss, which acts as a mark of freshness. The tomatoes should remain on the truss until ready to be consumed, as the truss continues to feed water and flavour into the fruit, maximising its juiciness and taste.

High in lycopene – which research suggests may reduce the risk of prostate, pancreatic and cervical cancer – truss tomatoes also contain calcium and vitamins C, E and A, minerals and vitamins that help the body to absorb iron and contribute to healthy skin, muscles, hair, bones and teeth. The tomatoes are also a good source of fibre, which is known to benefit the digestive system as well as lower cholesterol.

This autumn, leading truss tomato growers d’VineRipe, Moraitis and Blush have increased production to keep up with increasing demand for flavoursome, high quality tomatoes. Truss tomatoes fill the bill for this demand from consumers for quality and have an excellent reputation for being full of flavour, albeit they are sold at a slightly higher price than their field-grown counterparts. However, it’s a price that most increasingly foodie-conscious consumers are willing to pay in their quest for premium produce.

In an innovative joint initiative, three of the major players have teamed up to launch a new campaign – ‘Truss Me’ – in a bid to increase consumer awareness and education about truss tomatoes as well as drive sales.

At the initial round of discussions, another industry leader, Flavorite, was also considering its move to join the three companies spearheading the ‘Truss Me’ campaign. The company has, however, since decided against doing so, citing costs of promotional investment and other factors as a deterrent.

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