‘Wise Use’ Biological Solutions

The use of biological products in European glasshouses is redefining the horticulture landscape. These products recognise the symbiotic relationship plants have with beneficial bacteria and fungi in the rhizosphere (root zone) to enhance root growth and maximise nutrient uptake, so that plants can reach their full potential in terms of vigour and quality. The move by commercial growers towards such products is being driven by increasing governmental pressure to eliminate the use of pesticides and fungicides to produce a ‘clean and green’ product. One range of products to make its way to Australia is the Wise-Use range of biological products.

The Wise-Use range of biological products is redefining our microbiological understanding of the environment, and how beneficial bacteria and beneficial fungi are activated and stimulated and allowed to culture and proliferate. It’s an understanding the founders of Wise-Use in the Netherlands have. With the activation of micro-organisms present in air, water, soil, animal and human digestive systems, a positive balance is restored, allowing greater and faster accessibility to nutrients through accelerated decomposition of organic decaying material, and inorganic elemental salts to their more readily accessible ionic form. Thus, through this restoration of balance, faster growth, greater resistance, health and vitality is facilitated.

Utilising the extreme bio-catalytic nature of Wise-Use biological solutions, some of the largest glasshouses in Europe are consistently cultivating the best quality, highest output per square metre of tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, strawberries, mushrooms, gerberas, carnations and roses. For example, in the Westland area of Holland, the Prominent group, who are avid uses of Wise-Use products, made 90 Euro per square metre over an area of 2.8 million square metres in 2010. In a rose house in another district of Holland, the production of 100,000 perfect long-stem Avondale roses is maintained daily utilising Wise-Use products in a 50-hectare glasshouse. Growing concerns and corporations such as these do not implement nutritional additives lightly; they must work.

Another Wise-Use by-product is used to increase oxygen creation and bonding in the rhizosphere in organic and inorganic substrates. Increased disease/pathogen resistance systemically, and in the immediate environment, is another favourable by-product. Reliance on fungicides to treat Fusarium and other pathogens is reduced if not negated, and pesticide use is also considerably reduced. The Dutch glasshouse scene these days is heavily monitored and regulated governmentally and most chemical pesticides and fungicides are banned anyway. As such, Wise-Use biological solutions are increasingly being utilised in the integrated pest and viral/disease management systems of European glasshouses.

Wise-Use organic biological solutions include:

  • BioRootz – Stimulates the root system to proliferate and protects them from disease and viruses. Dilution and use is 1 L per hectare per week.
  • Bio Leaves – Used to break down nutrients to their more accessible ionic elemental forms for extreme nutrient uptake. Dilution and use is 1.5 L per hectare per week.
  • P & R – Amino acid and vitamin tonic used to improve the rhizosphere and the plants general wellbeing and flower forming ability. Dilution is 1 L per hectare per week.
  • ProBalance – Used to increase the weight and brix levels of the fruit.




In Australia and New Zealand the Wise-Use range of products is distributed by Dutch Bio-Power.

For more information contact:
Brad Hindmarsh, Dutch Bio-Power Pty Ltd
Ph: +61 (0)2 8860-6421
Mb: 0433 907 957
Email: info@bacplantfood.com.au Website: www.wiseuse.nl