2010 Taipei International Flora Expo

The 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition is set to open on 6 November 2010 in Taipei. It will be the first such internationally recognised exposition to take place in Taipei and the seventh of its kind to take place in Asia. Work is now in progress to ensure its success, with the city undergoing upgrades to its infrastructure and services, transforming Taipei into a city of gardens.

“We fully expect this event to promote the growth of floriculture in our country and drive economic and urban development around Taipei, as well as enhance the image of our city in the international community,” said Mayor of Taipei, Hau Lung-bin.

Featuring a theme of ‘Rivers, Flowers, New Horizons’, the Expo will include 14 exhibition halls, each with its own unique style, spread across an area of 91.8 ha, all dedicated to showcasing notable achievements in horticulture, science, and environmental protection technology.

“Our aim is to inspire visitors to embrace new ideas and implement green practices for themselves, thereby achieving the goal of protecting our precious Earth in all its unique beauty,” said the Mayor.

“Now, it is our sincere hope that people from all over the world may transcend their political and cultural differences to gather in Taipei in a spirit of friendship, amid the beauty of rivers and flowers, to explore new horizons together at the 2010 Taipei International Flora Expo. On behalf of all the citizens of Taipei, I invite you to join us as we let the world see Taipei, and let Taipei embrace the world!”

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Website: www.2010taipeiexpo.tw/ct