2012 HFF Conference

The 2012 Hydroponic Farmers Federation (HFF) conference and trade show will be held in Ballarat, Victoria, from 18-20 July. The theme will be ‘The Future – Filling in the Gaps’. The HFF is all about networking and knowledge transfer and the aim of the conference is to facilitate and encourage both.

Some proposed topics for speakers include:

  1. What will the Carbon Tax mean for business?
  2. Who’s next – Succession Planning
  3. Getting government grants
  4. Getting the most from your technology
  5. Controlling rising input costs
  6. Cutting your energy bill
  7. Mission Impossible – increasing prices
  8. Predicting the future
  9. Improving growing techniques
  10. Training for growth
  11. Better labour management
  12. Business finance, budgeting and planning
  13. Labour recruitment
  14. Keeping it clean
  15. Growing in a wet summer
  16. Measures to improve
  17. Grower success stories.

The HFF is an industry grower organisation for commercial hydroponics and protected cropping growers. Membership includes growers, industry representatives and interested parties. The HFF is open to all hydroponic farmers Australia-wide.

For further information go to: Website: www.hff.org.au