2013 Aquaponics Association Conference

The 2013 Aquaponics Association conference will be held at Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, Tucson, Arizona, from 20-22 September. The three-day event includes expert aquaponics speakers, workshops and farm visits.

The event kicks off with tours of local, featured farms, gardens and integrated urban agriculture sites. The next day attendees will lunch at NorCal Aquaponics, a permaculture-based, closed-loop aquaponic operation growing organic fish, shrimps and vegetables.

Conference presentations commence after lunch, covering topics ranging from Commercial, Home or Community Aquaponics, to Aquaponics in Education and in-depth specifics on fish and plant topics, and alternative and sustainable solutions.

Aattendees then get to spend an evening with holistic farming pioneer and advocate Joel Salatin for a special dinner keynote presentation.

The final day is the business end of the conference with an Annual General Assembly of the Aquaponics Association. This will be followed by workshops and presentations on Aquaponics, Food Security, and Food Safety.

For more information and registration, go to website: http://aquaponicsassociation.org  Ω

13 August 2013