2nd International Congress on Controlled Environment Agriculture

Dr Toyoki Kozai is known as the “Father of the Japanese Plant Factory.”

The 2nd International Congress on Controlled Environment Agriculture (ICCEA 2017) will take place in the Republic of Panama, at the Hotel El Panama, between 17 -19 May 2017. The Congress offers an opportunity to learn from the most innovative minds in the industry. Speakers will focus on the skills and knowledge needed to finance, design and operate a successful and innovative farm operation, albeit an indoor vertical farm, greenhouses or a combination of a protected and controlled environment.

The event will focus on the six main areas of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) management:

  1. Environment
  2. Nutrient Solutions
  3. Growing Systems
  4. Light
  5. Water
  6. Energy

This year’s Keynote Speaker is Dr Toyoki Kozai from Chiba University in Japan. Currently, Dr Kozai is leading Research and Development of Controlled Environment Agriculture with a primary focus on Vertical Farms (Plant Factories) for commercial food production. Dr  Kozai is a Professor Emeritus and an Endowed Chair at the Center for Environment, Health and Filed Sciences at Chiba University.

Since 2010, Dr Kozai has been working as the Chief-Director of the Japan Plant Factory (Vertical Farm) Association, a non-profit organization for the advancement of the industry.

This second event of its kind, the ICCEA 2017 will continue to be the place to engage, learn and apply the foundations of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) for greenhouse and vertical farm owners and operators.

ICCEA2017 will focus on:

  • Understanding technology used in producing greenhouse and vertically farmed produce
  • Understanding nutrients used in hydroponics
  • Learning the latest research available on controlled environment crops
  • How LED Grow Lights impact photosynthesis and plant growth
  • Learning new production techniques
  • Managing your CEA business
  • Automation and robotics
  • Integrated Pest Management strategies
  • and more!

The event is expected to attract over 600 attendees and over 40 exhibitors specialized in agriculture, indoor farms, greenhouse and Ag Tech in the Americas and around the world.

For a detailed program outline, exhibitor information and delegate registration, visit: ww.icceapanama.org  Ω

Posted 8 March 2017