7th International Hydroponic Course and Congress

The Mexican Association of Hydroponics will convene the 7th International Course and Congress on Hydroponics in the city of Toluca, Mexico, from 18-20 March 2010. This event is intended to help people already involved in hydroponics as well as newcomers to this highly productive and profitable technique of food production. Also invited are local governments and humanitarian institutions, which will be introduced to programs that can benefit small and medium producers, farmers, unemployed persons, elderly retired persons, and handicapped persons.

The Mexican Association on Hydroponics (a non-profit organisation) has brought together an impressive list of industry specialist, researchers and practitioners including Dr Pedro Florian Martinez (Spain), Dr Kanapathipillai Wignarajah (USA), Dr Fritz-Gerald Schroeder (Germany), Dr Pedro Furlani (Brazil), Dr Ko Welleman (Netherlands), Dr Alessandro Vincenzoni (Itlay), Laura Pérez (Costa Rica), Luis Manuel Guerra (Mexico), Heinrich Lieth (USA), Jorge M. Fonseca (USA), Rebeca Nelson (USA), John S. Pade (USA), James W Brown (USA), and Carlos Leandro Arano (Argentina), among many other speakers.

For further information contact:
C.P. Gloria Samperio Ruiz
Ph: or
+52 (722) 214-0388
Email: anilusa@prodigy.net.mx or anilusa@hidroponia.org.mx