A ‘light bulb’ moment

The brightest new eco-gadget on the market, the Nokero LED solar powered light bulb, is a must-have for every home owner, outdoor entertainer or nature lover. The Nokero N220 is bright enough to replace traditional electric lights in most cases and it can be used in a range of ways, indoors and out. It’s perfect for outdoor patios, gardens, walkways and verandas. Or simply charge it outside by day and use it indoors by night in the knowledge that you are saving electricity, the environment… and your wallet.

The environmentally-friendly light is weatherproof, long-lasting and durable. Nokero has been designed with a high- efficiency solar panel and two high-temp batteries that stay efficient even in Australia’s extreme heat. It is also designed to automatically switch off in bright light to save charge.

Retailing for $33.95, the bulb pivots toward the sun for maximum efficiency. Other features include an aluminium carabineer clip and lamp stand. Daily operation time is 3.5 hours (high) or 6 hours (low). The Nokero solar-powered light bulb is also available in two other, more compact models: N100 and N200.

Nokero was formed by inventor Steve Katsaros in June 2010 to develop safe, affordable and environmentally-friendly technology that eliminates the need for harmful and polluting fuels used around the world.

Nokero products are distributed in retailers around Australia by wholesale distributor Zen Imports.

For further information contact Zen Imports:
Ph: (02) 8878-3600
Email: zen@zenimports.com.au
Website: www.nokero.com or www.drpr.com.au