A taste of paradise

Welcome to the August 2017 issue of Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses. As usual, we have a great line-up of stories awaiting your reading pleasure. How many of us have dreamed of escaping to an island paradise not only for a holiday but also perhaps to live a carefree, permanent existence? Tucked away in the Eastern Caribbean, Anguilla is the epitome of such a dream – beckoning visitors with spectacular beaches, breathtaking blue seas and a casual elegance. However, despite its idyllic lifestyle, Anguilla is relatively arid, with islanders relying on imported fresh fruit and vegetables.

One luxury resort, however, has solved this problem. Nestled in the heart of this paradise is CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa, which boasts the claim of being the only Caribbean resort housing its own pesticide-free, hydroponic farm. In this issue we visit this innovative hydroponic operation set up and maintained by respected industry expert, Dr Howard Resh PhD (see the video tour inside this issue).

Continuing on the same theme of self-sufficiency and sustainability, in Fair Play, Missouri USA, the Institute of Simplified Hydroponics has designed and built a hydroponic culinary herb garden. CEO of the Institute, Peggy Bradley describes the progress of the initiative and shares with readers tips on how to grow their own fresh hydroponic herbs to add zest, flavour and nutrition to any diet.

Elsewhere, Dr Mike Nichols profiles one of New Zealand’s oldest berry fruit gardens, which has recently implemented new technology improvements, including conversion from soil-based growing to hydroponic systems.

On a practical note, our article, Optimising photosynthesis examines the importance of photosynthesis and the possibilities its optimisation brings for food security, renewable energy and the reduction of CO2, while Helping find seasonal workerslooks at how the Australian Government has announced a new program offering support for Australian horticultural growers seeking seasonal workers.

Do you have a story for us? We welcome stories for publication with a focus on hydroponics, greenhouse, IPM, crop management and horticulture lighting technology. Let’s hear your ideas.

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PH&G August 2017 / Issue 182