AgTech Investing Conference 2015

AGROWN’s AgTech Investing Conference will be held at the Ohio Agriculture Research & Development Center, from 21-23 October 2015. The event is designed to bring the world’s leading experts in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) vegetable production with investors actively seeking to expand their investment portfolios in commercial scale greenhouse production.

Participants at the recent Vermont Agricultural Business Education Center (VABEC) in Brattleboro, VT, discussed the US Government’s expectation that distributed/controlled environment agriculture will grow exponentially. Nicholas Heymann, Research, William Blair and Company, New York, stated that distributing fresh food production across the US in the next decade has the growth potential to “become a $1.75 Trillion business.”

Attendees of the AGROWN’s AgTech Investing 20215 Conference will learn more about these growing trends, meet experts in the field, and walk away with a greater knowledge of how they can leverage this investment opportunity. Additional topics include:

  • Profit-driven insights to the potential growth and current limitations of CEA in the US
  • See first-hand the CEA technology used for research at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center on the Ohio State University campus
  • The latest forecasts for California’s drought and how it is impacting the fresh produce industry
  • Distributed CEA agriculture not only changes how and where fresh produce crops can be grown, it will also be disruptive to existing market logistics
  • Dissect critical steps at each level of the CEA investment process – seed funding, early stage, or expansion.

This event has been purposefully limited to 25 qualified investors.

Posted 18 September 2015