Analytical services

Trade shows are more than about physical products. They are also about services. Among service providers showcasing their services at the recent Protected Cropping Australia trade show was AgVita Analytical Pty Ltd, who analyse water for hydroponics, irrigation, waste water and spray water. 

In order to achieve representative water sample, a composite sample made up of 5-10 sub samples needs to be taken. The sampling method will depend on the source of water to be analysed, and local guidelines may apply. Specific water sampling standards and guidelines are available from Standards Australia (

When using bottles other than those supplied by AgVita, clean 500ml plastic water drink bottles are suitable. They should have a watertight lid and durable to avoid damage in transit. Triple rinsing with the source water to be analysed is recommended to ensure it is clean before sampling. Rinse water should be disposed of away from the sampling site. Bottles need to be identified with a completed label available from AgVita Analytical.

For further information contact: AgVita Analytical Pty Ltd, PO Box 188, Devonport, Tas 7310 Ph: (03) 6420-9600 Fax: (03) 6427-0230 Email: Website:

26 September 2013