Aquaponics workshop

The University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, will host a 2 day Aquaponics Workshop between 6-7 June 2013. The workshop will directly follow the Aquaculture Association of Canada’s annual conference Aquaculture Canada 2013, also taking place in Guelph.

Speakers include Charlie Shultz, who will present on the status of aquaponics; Dr Nick Savidov, who will speak on commercial aquaponics design, agro ecology in aquaponics, plant physiology and food safety; Steve Naylor, who will talk on aquaculture in Ontario; and Shawn Coyle, who will present on low-cost RAS Systems and Largemouth Bass.

The class will be divided into groups and learn the following:

  • Seed germination
  • Plant Harvest for specific markets
  • Water testing
  • Harvesting Eggs from Tilapia
  • Sexing Tilapia

Registration is available at: