Are sensors, drones and satellite apps the future?

Irrigation Australia

Premier Australian irrigation event.

As the uncertainty in future water supplies increases, irrigators will need to adopt breakthrough technologies to solve their water challenges. If you are a designer, installer or contractor interested in the rural sector, the Irrigation Australia International Conference will be of relevance to you.

New technology for irrigation has been progressing tremendously and shows promise in improving the ability to manage labour, energy, and water loses at both the system and farm levels. Reinke’s (Stand 423) computerised irrigation management system gives growers more control over essential functions from their office environment, whilst T-L Irrigation’s (Stand 502) patented technology has successfully married center pivot technology with drip irrigation.

Remote sensors and drones are currently being adopted by farmers and irrigation systems operators to understand the existing situation and monitor agricultural systems that will become the basis for operational decisions. One unique example is the IrriSATSMS system that uses satellite imagery to estimate quantities of water required, so that existing water supply is utilised better.

On Tuesday 24 May (3.00pm – 3.20pm), John Hornbuckle, Associate Professor, Centre for Regional and Rural Features, Deakin University, will present a session on using the IrriSAT App to Improve on-farm Water Management. IrriSAT is a cloud based app using the Google Earth Engine to provide irrigation management and benchmarking information from remote sensing technologies across large spatial scales. The IrriSAT app automates satellite processing and information delivery.

Also on Tuesday, Philip Lyons, Chief Executive Officer, Falcon UAV, will give a brief history on aerial imaging and the different types of drones. He will introduce NDVI Crop Health imaging and examples of how growers can use this information to reduce chemical wastage and improve yield.

Another presentation by Robert Welke, Managing Director, Tallemenco Pty Ltd, will introduce the HYDRopz, a mobile phone App, which calculates the optimum pipe inside diameter for any given pumping and pipeline duty, based upon a projected scheme life and numerous other scheme specific parameters.

These are only a some of the sessions on new sensor, drone and satellite app technology to be presented at the Irrigation Australia International Conference, to be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 24-26 May 2016.

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Posted 13 April 2016