New Australian start-up company

Australian Greenhouse Solutions (AGS) is a new start-up company providing professional greenhouse and hydroponic solutions to India and the Middle East. Established by Graeme Smith and Brian Ellis, the principals have over 40 years combined experience in the commercial hydroponic industry throughout Australia and many other regions, with the capability to deliver projects safely, on time, on budget and to agreed technical specifications. The new business will partner growers and investors from concept through to commissioning, including ongoing support and training to clients.

The principals passionately believe in modern controlled production systems as one of the key solutions to current and future food production and resources security.

“We believe India and the Middle East can benefit from our vast experience in an extensive range of production systems for a broad range of climates – cold, temperate, sub-tropical and tropical,” said CEO Graeme Smith.

“We constantly monitor world trends for new and emerging technologies to ensure we can offer the most productive and innovative solutions,” he said.

“We will commit to using local suppliers where suitable and global suppliers when required,” he added.

The principals have put together an impressive Business Profile and Glasshouse Production Brief, which provides an indicative overview of price and technology to produce tomatoes (could be cucumbers, eggplants, capsicum, etc.) or leafy green crops (lettuce, herbs, asian greens, etc.) in a modern 1ha glasshouse system.

“This is an example of general investment and productive capacity based on either vine crops or leafy greens in a second-hand glasshouse from Holland,” said Graeme Smith.

“These used glasshouses have been disassembled to make way for Dutch residential housing and provide for a cost-effective way to enter the market with much improved technology that is necessary for consistent production and quality, especially in harsher climate environments; however, completely new systems are also available on request.”

The new company will introduce its innovative MMGS© that has the capacity to double the production of leafy green crops in a given space. The MMGS is a manual mobile gulley production system, however, it can be automated if desired. The production system maximises the available greenhouse floor space to greatly increase production, as much as 100%.

“We can also provide solutions to integrate these modern systems with aquaculture to produce an ‘aquaponics’ facility that produces both fish and vegetables in highly efficient side-by-side systems,” said Business Development Manager Brian Ellis.

In the near future, the principals plan to visit India and the Middle East regions to introduce themselves via a one-day local seminar.

For further information contact: Graeme Smith (CPAg), CEO – Australian Greenhouse Solutions, MB: +61 (0)427 339 009; or Brian Ellis, Business Development Manager – Australian Greenhouse Solutions, MB: +61 (0)407 636 114.  Ω

Posted 2 April 2014