Australian invention solves injury needs and safe work obligations for farmers

A revolutionary injury management kit is being heralded as solving many of the consequences farmers face from working in remote locations or alone. Invented in Australia, and recently listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, this integrated splinting, bandaging and injury management system is best described as the ‘Swiss army knife’ for farmers dealing with any first aid and trauma situation.

“Never before has an integrated injury management tool covering every possible application been available in one kit, let alone one so small,” inventor of Splint-All, Tony Kobler said.

“The ability to self-apply the splints, slings and bandages is a truly unique feature of Splint-All and this can give unprecedented confidence to a farmer working alone,” he said.

“Splint-All enhances health outcomes because it can deliver earlier, more efficient and easier application of first aid and trauma treatments for anyone in rural or remote areas,” he said.

“From snake bite to fractures, through to more serious situations, the kit, which is about the size of a loaf of bread, contains all the tools required for fast and effective injury management across multiple applications and treatments.

“Up until now this has not been possible in the field with one kit, as all other splints have been for single or a limited range of applications.

“Self-application has not been possible in the past as typically, splints, slings and bandages have required a second person to apply them effectively,” he said.

Safe Work Australia has recently published new Regulations and Draft Codes of Practice under which the contents and individual items that need to be included in first aid kits are no longer prescribed.

The onus is now on the farmer and farm businesses to consider what equipment they should carry for a range of possible first aid situations, including bone fractures and muscular sprains and strains.

“Immobilisation through effective splinting is a globally recognised standard for bone fractures,” said Mr Kobler.

“Splint-All is the only single product that, when added to existing first aid kits, can achieve compliance in this regard,” he said.

“Splint-All is an Australian designed and manufactured product with seven patents pending.”

“It is a first ever, all-in-one, compact and light-weight trauma management kit, generally configured in an easy to carry soft pack weighing under one and a half kilos.”

“Splint-All revolutionises trauma management whilst supporting current first aid protocols and procedures,” Mr Kobler said.

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