Australian Perlite introduces Brazillian vermiculite

Australian Perlite has recently acquired the exclusive rights to manufacture and trade vermiculite ore from Brasil Minerios in Brazil. The mine at Brasil Minerios is the largest working deposit in the world and boasts the most modern processing facilities. Unlike other deposits around the world where vermiculite is a byproduct of copper mining, the Brasil Minerios mine is dedicated solely to producing vermiculite. 

They use a double wet and dry process to sort and grade the vermiculite, which leads to a very consistent final product. Once expanded on site at its plant in Sydney, the vermiculite is pale in colour with low pH and conductivity.

Andrew Anderson, General Manager of Australian Perlite, says: “It’s a game changer in regards to quality and price for the horticultural market.”

Along with the new source of vermiculite ore, Australian Perlite has recently invested heavily in an upgrade of its vermiculite plant. The business is now able to bring to the market and range of grades that are tailor made for the horticultural industry. The new facility allows the flexibility to produce specifically sized grades for clients if required.

As well as being used in horticulture for seed raising, in potting mixes and hydroponics, vermiculite is used widely in other industries, particularly, refractories, fire proofing, dangerous goods packaging, and spill kits.

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