Bardens back in business

Despite significant losses to field and hydroponic crops in the Lockyer Valley of Queensland following recent historic floods, Barden Hydroponic Asian Vegetables in Gatton is back in business. The floods totally destroyed the company’s Lockyer Valley processing operations, which has reopened and now operating at almost full capacity. With a significant national grower network, the disruption to supply should be minimal as the business works through the availability on each of their key lines including Asian vegetables, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, capsicums and cauliflower. Crop losses within the operations are likely to exceed a retail value over A$500,000.

Barden Produce has operated in the fresh produce industry for over 20 years and has company-owned and contracted packing and growing facilities around Australia that service a range of retail customers. With a focus on Asian vegetables, herbs and brassica vegetables, Barden can fulfil requirements for most vegetable products year-round.

Barden lost over 200,000 bunches of Asian vegetables that were due to be harvested in the 3 weeks following the floods, which represented close to 40% of its national production.

“The benefits of our disaster recovery planning and geographical diversity in growing operations are clear,” said Andrew Drummond, Managing Director at Barden.

Plantings were immediately increased at Barden’s Peats Ridge, NSW, facility to minimise the gap in availability while damage was assessed in Gatton before the company expedited replacement equipment and recommenced plantings in Gatton.

“The rapid response of our management team, growers, domestic and international suppliers to the disaster that occurred in our Lockyer Valley operations means we will be back up and running with our normal Asian vegetable volumes in 3 weeks time from our Gatton site,” said Nathan Clackson, National Manager for Hydroponic Farming Operations at Barden.

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