Benomic greenhouse trolley

Powerplants, the premier technology and systems company for Australia’s hydroponic industry, has announced that the Benomic Easy Kit from Berg Product is now available. This trolley has been nicknamed the ‘Price Fighter’ and is proving that sometimes the simplest solutions are the most innovative, as it brings a simple, low cost logistic solution to greenhouse growers.

In an era that is defined by technological advancements for the greenhouse industry, the Benomic Easy Kit is a low-tech solution designed to save growers money. It was introduced to assist in the daily tasks when an advanced hydraulic pipe rail trolley is not necessary. However, the Easy Kit includes the essential benefits of all of the daily jobs necessary in a pipe rail trolley.

With all of the integrity and good reputation of the popular Benomic, the Easy Kit reduces the possibility of technical issues because there is no hydraulic system. That also contributes to its low cost, as well as the fact that it comes as a flat pack, which reduces shipping costs—a major benefit for Australian growers who are seeing their transport costs rise.

The safety fence combined with a spacious and strong platform, makes the work space on the trolley safe. As greenhouses have become bigger and plant rows longer, the need for multiple height adjustments have been reduced. Because of this, the Easy Kit’s manual height adjustment feature is an easy, economical solution, and it can be raised or lowered for different crop heights by hand between 40 and 280cm. Depending on the desired height, the correct number of steps can also be adjusted. Its low weight makes it easy to manoeuvre because there is no need for a lifting mechanism, as well as the fact that both swivel wheels are mounted on one end of the trolley. It is aided by a smart guiding system.

As with the regular range of Benomic trolleys, the Easy Kit is equipped with the same reliable control box that makes it possible to drive backward and forward at any desired speed. It can also be fit with a tilt sensor to improve safety conditions.

The Easy Kit is also perfect for peak times when growers are in need of some extra trolleys but don’t want the expense of investing in hydraulic scissor trolleys. The Easy Kit trolleys can be laid flat again for easy storage when they’re not in use. Maintenance is also quite simple, and with an optional service or spare part kit, most maintenance can be handled in-house.

For further information contact:
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