Biosecurity Queensland confident of eradicating varroa jacobsoni

Varroa mite on pupa

Varroa mite on pupa

Biosecurity Queensland is confident that the varroa mite incursion in Townsville can be eradicated by destroying infested Asian Honey Bee (AHB) colonies in the Townsville area. It is focused on detecting and destroying all AHB within the 10 kilometre zone around the two original varroa mite detections.

Varroa mites were first detected on Asian Honey Bees at the Port of Townsville on 27 June which prompted a movement control order prohibiting the movement of bees, bee products (excluding honey) and used bee keeping equipment from the Townsville area (within a 10 kilometre radius of the port).

Since then further nests have been found in Annandale and Hyde Park but only one, at Annandale, had a varroa mite.

AHB are the natural host of Varroa jacobsoni, the type of varroa mite found in Townsville. These mites do not normally reproduce on European honey bees. However, they have recently been observed doing so at some overseas locations where the two species live in close proximity, raising concerns that the same could happen here.  Ω

Posted 12 Oct 2016