Casper Publications Pty Ltd

The office of Casper Publications Pty Ltd is situated on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. The company published the first issue of Practical Hydroponics in 1991 when its two directors, Steven Carruthers and Adam Reynolds, recognised there were more hydroponic failures than success stories. In those days there were few books available on soilless culture, and successful growers were reluctant to share their hard-earned knowledge with others.

Today, the hydroponic industry has developed into a global family of dedicated growers, each in their own way pioneering the horticultural techniques of a new age. Here at Casper Publications, we like to think we have played a small part in the development of the Australian hydroponics and greenhouse industry, and we hope we can contribute in some small way to the global pool of soilless culture knowledge.

Casper Publications is also a specialist horticulture book publisher and welcomes manuscripts for consideration.