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Building the Dream

Picking calendulas

In the face of formidable challenges, Tasman Bay Herbs today supplies 30 different varieties of culinary herbs and salad green to supermarkets across New Zealand. From a random encounter with a book on hydroponics 13 years ago, Don Grant and his then wife, Yoka De Houwer, went from 375 square metres of glasshouse in New...
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Fruit production in the future

Robotic waiters

Where will the raw materials come from to “manufacture” our future food? ‘Fruit growing in the future’ is a paper presented by Dr Mike Nichols at the 2017 Protected Cropping Australia Conference. It is the winter of 2100 and in a restaurant in Auckland and the waiter asks a diner about his choice of...
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Hherb garden

IN FAIR PLAY, MISSOURI USA, THE INSTITUTE OF SIMPLIFIED HYDROPONICS HAS DESIGNED AND BUILT A HYDROPONIC CULINARY HERB GARDEN AT ITS TINY HOUSE PROJECT. By PEGGY BRADLEY As dawn breaks, young sprigs of peppermint are selected for morning tea. At lunch, basil is selected for a pesto sauce. During the day, fresh rosemary is...
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Caribbean Fresh

Caribbean hydroponic farm

On the tiny Caribbean island of Anguilla, one luxury resort uses freshly supplied produce grown in its own pesticide-free, hydroponic farm. By Christine Brown-Paul A British Overseas Territory in the Eastern Caribbean, Anguilla comprises a small main island and several offshore islets. Its beaches range from long sandy stretches like Rendezvous Bay, overlooking neighbouring Saint Martin island, to secluded coves...
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The Final Word

Hydroponic leek

Dr Mike Nichols looks at how huge savings in water and fertiliser might be achieved by growing hydroponically in New Zealand.  “Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink.” Ode to the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Coleridge Taylor
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THE FINAL WORD: an opinion piece

Mike Nichols

Dr Mike Nichols Looks at the arguments for including Hydroponics and aquaponics in the certified organics system. The world of organic horticulture is a very complex scene. In New Zealand, anyone can sell fruit and vegetables produce as organically grown, provided that they do not state that its production has been “certified” as organically grown...
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Avoiding basic mistakes

Professor Venter

International hydroponics consultant Professor Gert Venter D. Eng; M. Eng (Agric) CUM LAUDE looks at some case studies, which illustrate why some greenhouse businesses in South Africa thrive while others fail. South Africa’s relatively young greenhouse industry is characterised by some spectacular successes but there are just too many projects that become total failures very soon...
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SULPHUR: deficiency & toxicity

Sulphur deficiency in tomato leaves

Plant deficiencies or excesses of mineral elements show in a number of ways: in colour, density, size and shape of leaves; in the thickness and colour of stems and the length of internodes; in the colour, fibrousness and thickness of roots; in the abundance and timing of flowers; and in the size, colour, hardness and flavour of...
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Let the sun shine in

Energy harvesting glass

A world-first invention in clear, energy harvesting glass has been developed by western Australian scientists. It is expected that if it used in greenhouses it could produce crops in any climate or season. Greenhouses powered by nanotechnology developed in WA could turn the driest of deserts into productive agricultural land thanks to a $1.6 million...
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Banksia 202020 Vision

A collaborative project that is working to make Australia’s urban areas 20 per cent greener has just taken out a prestigious award for its sustainability initiatives. By CHRISTINE BROWN-PAUL
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