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Wageningen leading the way

  Wageningen UR University in The Netherlands provides access to cutting edge greenhouse technology worldwide. Story by CHRISTINE BROWN-PAUL
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Innovation Under Glass

With cutting edge design and unique features, a new, world-class greenhouse facility to be built at the University of Western Sydney will focus on research and development that is set to advance Australian horticulture. By CHRISTINE BROWN-PAUL
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The Perfect Bloom

Despite numerous financial and other challenges, one Queensland hydroponic rose grower is growing ‘perfect’ red roses in a state-of-the-art greenhouse environment. By CHRISTINE BROWN-PAUL
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Emerging Hydroponics Industry

A new international research report provides a competitive assessment of the hydroponic food production market and the forces shaping it, the technologies and skill sets involved, and some key players and their prospects. It also covers important issues and trends affecting agriculture and food security that make hydroponics a viable and growing market. Report...
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Did the Hanging Gardens of Babylon really exist?

Magazine Columnist

There have always been doubts as to whether the Hanging Gardens actually existed, as explained in my column of September 2006. New evidence shows that it was real, but the story had the wrong place and the wrong king.
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AUSVEG Budget Summary

AUSVEG has released a summary of the saving and spending measures relevant to the Australian agriculture industry following the Federal Government’s 2014-15 Budget. The summary concludes that overall, the Budget is unlikely to impose a heavy burden on agriculture; however, pressing long-term issues faced by the industry remain unaddressed, including increased input costs and...
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Disinfection Methods . . . an Australian Perspective

Disinfection systems are essential insurance policies as environmental pressures force growers to recirculate their nutrient solution. PH&G profiles the various disinfection methods, from an Australian perspective. Compiled by STEVEN CARRUTHERS
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Hydroponic Growing in Chile

In Latin American countries like Chile, there is an increasing interest in learning about hydroponics and the solutions it can offer to agriculture in the region. Feature by CHRISTINE BROWN-PAUL Photography by SAM ROSS Hydroponics first came to Latin America during the 1970s. At the outset, it was used to market vegetables considered luxury...
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Growing Green in Melbourne

A new online resource—the Growing Green Guide—is designed to help building owners, planners, designers, developers, renovators and homeowners include green plant roofs, walls and facades into their buildings to help manage the impact of a changing climate on city living.
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Innovations in Agriculture

After a 14-hour flight from Sydney, the Qantas Airbus 380 landed soon after midnight in Dubai.  Progress through the airport was rapid, and I was soon on a taxi heading for Abu Dhabi, the site for the ‘The Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA)’ meeting organised at the instigation of the Cooperation Council...
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