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Want to eat more veggies? There’s an App for that

Scientists have come up with an innovative approach to tackling Australia’s poor vegetable intake, with the launch of a new app that challenges people to eat more veggies. Using a gamified approach, CSIRO’s new VegEze app aims to motivate Australians to add extra vegetables to their daily diets and form long-term, healthier habits through a 21-day ‘Do 3 at Dinner’ challenge. See More

New Fresh Food Precinct Vision

Western Sydney could become the country’s new ‘Fresh Food Precinct’ creating 12,000 jobs for the region when the Western Sydney Airport is up and running. A new report released today, Think Big Think Fresh: A Fresh Food Precinct for Western Sydney Airport, by NSW Farmers’ Association and leading consulting firm KPMG, has found a ‘Fresh Food Precinct’ associated with Sydney’s new airport would:

  • Create a significant amount of jobs and economic development in Western Sydney
  • Provide local Western Sydney communities access to a new fresh market precinct
  • Provide farmers in New South Wales access to new high value lucrative markets in Asia and the Middle East.

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NZ Greenhouse Technical Management Course

Graeme Smith Consulting, in association with GOTafe (Shepparton VIC) and Autogrow (Auckland NZ), have promulgated a 4½ day Greenhouse Technical Management training course to be held at the offices of Autogrow in Auckland NZ from Monday 13th to Friday 17th November. See More

Modiform answers call for eco-friendly produce packaging

Modiform packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging suitable for any fruit or vegetable

Dutch firm Modiform has launched an environmentally-friendly and food safe pulp packaging range for the European fresh fruit and vegetable sector, following a successful link-up with UK group Cullen Packaging. PBUK finds out more about the solution that is claimed to tick all the boxes for retailers. Eco-Expert pulp trays are made from 100% recycled paper or card, they can be 100% recycled again, 100% composted or biodegraded in landfill.

Aquaponic Growers Gathering in Portland

Putting Down Roots

Aquaponics Conference & Showroom

The Aquaponics Association will kick off ‘Putting Downs Roots’ – the 2017 national aquaponics conference – on Friday 3 November at the Red Lion Hotel Conference Center at Jantzen Beach, Portland, Oregon, USA. The conference will feature three days of aquaponics tours, presentations, discussions, and hands-on demonstrations by the world’s foremost aquaponics experts. See More

2018 Irrigation Australia Exhibition – Call for Papers

Call for papers

Call for papers

Irrigation Australia Ltd (IAL) is calling for papers for its 2018 International Conference and Exhibition. The closing date to submit abstracts is Friday 27 October 2017. With the theme ‘Addressing the Big Issues’, the biennial event will be held from Wednesday 13 to Friday 15 June, 2018, at the new International Convention Centre in Sydney. See More

Aussie magazine continues to enjoy a global readership

Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses magazine, first published in 1991 as a print magazine, continues to enjoy a global readership with its inclusion on, a digital publication portal attracting 100 million unique visitors monthly. The magazine is presented in a beautiful, magazine-like reader.

Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses is a dual recipient of Publishers Australia’s Bell Award for ‘Best Specialist Magazine’, and the Publisher, Casper Publications, is a three-time recipient of the Bell Award for ‘Best Small Publisher’. The digital magazine is a leading information resource for commercial hydroponic, aquaponic and greenhouse growers worldwide, as well as researchers, educators, students and allied trades.

World of Orchids now available as an eBook

The World of Orchids

A Practical Guide to Cultivating Orchids in Soilless Culture

With an estimated 25,000 species worldwide, orchids are loved for their exotic and mysterious habitat, from cloud-shrouded mountains and rainforests, to mangrove swamps and semi-desert scrubs. They are perhaps the most challenging of all flowering plants to cultivate outside their natural habitat, often taking many years before the first flower appears.

The World of Orchids: A Practical Guide to Cultivating Orchids in Soilless Culture, by Jack Ross, is now available as a download eBook at a good price. This book presents the results of the author’s many years of research into orchid cultivation using soilless culture techniques. It is for orchid enthusiasts as well as commercial growers producing high quality orchid plants. –

Australia’s largest hemp & cannabis event heads to Melbourne


HHI Expo, Sydney, May 2017

After 7000+ Sydneysiders descended on the Sydney event in May of this year, Australia’s largest hemp and cannabis event is now heading to Melbourne, hitting the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre: December 2 and 3.

The Hemp Health & Innovation (HHI) Expo & Symposium is everything hemp and cannabis. With a bigger venue and hemp foods officially legal for sale and consumption in Australia from Nov 12, HHI Melbourne will be Australia’s first large scale opportunity to sample, purchase and taste hemp foods. See More

2nd Greenhouse and Hydroponic Technical Management Course for India

Hands-on training

Hands-on training at the first training course held in Pune, India

Delish Veggies (India) and Graeme Smith Consulting (Aust) have promulgated a second Greenhouse and Hydroponic Technical Management training course to be held in Pune, India, in late October.  This follows the success of their first training course held in Pune in early 2017. The program included practical farm tours and was attended by renowned international trainers from Australia, six international participants, and 35 participants from seven Indian states. Unfortunately, many participants were turned away due to limited seats. Therefore, owing to popular demand, a second course has been promulgated and will include many interesting topics and commercial farm set-up sessions. See More