Climate and financial studies

Victorian-based Graeme Smith Consulting is offering studies for new or existing protected cropping or hydroponic projects. The proposal is essentially a case-study to determine the production potential and capital costs that could be presented to a financial institution (or others) as a full business plan, and includes the following:

  1.  Detailed climate study for your location (over at least the last 15 years) that explores the following: max, min and average temperature, humidity, cloudy days, sunshine hours, daily radiation, rainfall, wind speed and direction (includes data tables and graphs) – climate study will reveal the necessary greenhouse technology required to successfully produce your selected crop in your location.
  2. A study on the mean daily and annual energy requirements of the location, including a comparison of the average energy use in % and GJ (tailored for your selected fuel source).
  3. A study on the mean daily and annual water requirements of the location, including a comparison of the average water use and rainwater harvest in ML.
  4. Above data is factored into Dutch modelling software (Tomsim) to predict production potential for different CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels, radiation levels, crop age and average 24-hour temperatures for each location.
  5. A full ‘EBIT’ (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) and ‘ROC’ (Return on Capital) study for your size project, crop and location (with summary).
  6. A two-page pricing summary (Excel spreadsheet) that allows user to individually select each technology item proposed, that reveals total project capital costs, cost per m2 and % of total.
  7. This climate and financial proposal can be tailored to suit all greenhouse crops.

This information, collated over a number of weeks, is a powerful tool that models potential production and financial viability for new or extended greenhouse projects. For a quotation to prepare a full climate and financial study for selected crop and greenhouse/system size, contact Graeme Smith Consulting (