Commercial Greenhouse and Hydroponic Growing Training Course

Graeme Smith Consulting (with Rick Donnan) will be conducting a greenhouse technical management course at Warwick University, School of Life Sciences, in the UK for 1 week from 22 – 26 October this year. The course will be conducted one week prior to this year’s ‘Hortifair’ at the RAI in Amsterdam ( ) between 30 Oct and 2 Nov, whereby over 1000 booths and 50,000 visitors look at greenhouse technology for all greenhouse crops over four days including vegetables, flowers and leafy greens.

The course is specifically designed to develop technical and management skills of owners, staff and managers of greenhouse and hydroponic growing environments to meet the challenges of climate change. The course is suitable for all levels of expertise and experience and also for those considering setting up a hydroponic greenhouse operation. It covers all aspects of commercial greenhouse-based hydroponic growing and attendees will gain a unique insight into the latest developments and best practice currently being employed throughout the world.

The course is also highly useful for commercial horticultural companies wishing to gain an insight into the rapidly expanding market of hydroponics. It includes practical training, discussions, demonstrations and lectures supported by written notes and other practical tools.

The course will be conducted by two highly experienced Australian industry presenters  – Graeme Smith and Rick Donnan. Graeme is the proprietor of Graeme Smith Consulting, he consults throughout the world, runs regular study tours to Holland/EU and North America/Canada, and is the immediate past Chairman of the Protected Cropping Association of Australia. Rick works for Growool Horticultural Systems and is the Q&A columnist for the leading hydroponic industry publication – Practica Hydroponics and Greenhouses magazine.

The course assists participants to improve their ability to adapt to seasonal and climatic change and improve existing practice by:
• understanding the principles of controlled production systems
• using new strategies and technologies to manage greenhouse climates and irrigation
• understanding plant growing requirements and plant production techniques
• developing new strategies for plant protection and integrated pest-management
• understanding plant nutrition and fertigation programs
• identifying the risks and opportunities of climate change

Topics Include:
• media types & characteristics • plant structure
• nutrition & nutrient management • water quality and treatment
• EC & pH • plant physiology
• environmental management • irrigation – media management
• climate change risks and opportunities • plant health
• greenhouse design and layout • pest and disease control

Location: Warwick University, School of Life Sciences, Wellesbourne Campus, Warwickshire
Dates: 22-26 October (4 ½ days)
Course cost: £900 plus VAT, Lunch, as well as morning and afternoon tea will be provided throughout the course.

So, if you always wanted an education in greenhouse growing, travel to exotic locations, visit Hortifair in Amsterdam, stay in a famous Dutch village and view firsthand the Dutch growing systems, technologies and crops, this may be the opportunity for you.

If interested in joining this group, reply by Monday 27 August as positions are limited.

To register your interest or for further information contact the course Coordinator, Kim Faulkes

Ph: (02) 47665-1500 or email: