CubeCaps reduce water and fertiliser usage

CubeCap is a patented water conservation tool and grow medium protector. CubeCap and DripCap are new developments, which aim to prevent or eliminate the algae that forms on rockwool growing blocks. Covering the top surface of a growing block should block and/or reflect incoming light needed by algae to grow and keeps the root zone temperature lower. Covering the grow block, water and nutrients can be saved by minimising unnecessarily uptake by non-adding value biomass and lowering evaporation from the growing block. DripCap will distribute the water and nutrients much more equal when compared with commonly used drippers.

Trials conducted by GreenQ Improvement Centre has shown that CubeCaps and DripCaps reduce water usage by a minimum of 32%, and a minimum savings of 32% fertiliser usage. GreenQ Improvement Centre is a modern greenhouse complex in Holland where new cultivation concepts and technical installations from all over the world are developed, tested and demonstrated. The results contribute to sustainable and profitable horticulture worldwide.

The researchers found there is also an undetermined reduction in energy savings due to lowered room humidity and minimised venting. They estimate the energy savings could be as high as 50 cents per plant per year.

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