Curly Top Disease and Nutrient Management ‘Focus on Tomato’ Resource

The Plant Management Network, a non-profit publishing effort for the benefit of growers and consultants, has produced two new webcasts for the tomato industry – ‘Curly Top Disease of Tomato’ and ‘Nutrient Management in Fresh Market Tomatoes’.

Curly Top

Curly top disease has impacted western US agriculture for over a century, and it is a significant threat to tomato production.  In his Focus on Tomato webcast, Bill Wintermantel, Research Plant Pathologist at USDA-ARS in Salinas, California, discusses the viruses that cause curly top disease, as well as Curly Top’s biology, transmission through vectors, epidemiology, and management.

This presentation is designed to provide knowledge of curly top to growers, industry, and others interested in management of virus diseases affecting tomato production. The talk is open access through 30 November 2012 and can be viewed at: 

Nutrient Management

Determining the correct amount of nutrients for a fresh market tomato crop is relatively easy. But knowing correct rates is only a piece of the puzzle.  This presentation by Dr. Josh Freeman, Assistant Professor of Horticulture at Virginia Tech University, helps users ensure their tomato crops have the correct amount of nutrients in the correct placement at the correct time. Dr. Freeman also instructs viewers on providing adequate moisture for nutrient uptake and utilisation.

This presentation is open access through 30 November 2012 and can be viewed at:

Users can view other recent webcasts in the Focus on Tomato resource at:

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