Cyclone Ita damage assessment underway

Cyclone ItaFarmers and industry groups are busy assessing the damaging from Tropical Cyclone Ita, even as the system tracks down the Queensland coast and out to sea, causing flooding and wind damage to crops, pastures, and infrastructure. Early reports are for some significant damage to sugar cane, banana and other horticultural crops in Far North Queensland, but on a lesser scale than that experienced after cyclones Larry and Yasi. Indications are that a lot of the damage is associated with large volumes of rain and flooding, as well as some direct wind damage. The Queensland Farmers Federayion (QFF) is working with members and other industry partners this week to assess the full extent of the damage and the response to the event. Links to disaster activations and assistance will soon be available via the QFF home page.

Posted 14 April 2014