Cygnus greenhouse control

For more than 30 years Hotraco has been manufacturing and supplying control systems, which provide both reliability and excellent value to their products. The experience gained in combination with the latest technology, provides a guarantee for state-of-the-art Hotraco products.

The CYGNUS-CO2 is a computer, which is suitable for greenhouses to control on/off heating and guard temperature, relative air humidity and CO2 level. The computer can be set with day/night time option in case different settings are required.

If needed, extra CO2 can be produced by the heating unit when CO2 level becomes too low during the day. When CO2 level and/or temperature becomes too high, the windows can be opened or ventilation can be switched on.

Also, it is possible to control the humidification when a humidity sensor is connected to the CYGNUS-CO2. At a low relative air humidity, the humidifier can be switched on, or when it gets to high extra ventilation can be applied.

Furthermore, the CYGNUS is provided with an alarm contact, which activates an alarm when temperature, CO2 or relative humidity exceeds set values.

The control communicates with clear language independent symbols that immediately make sense to the user.

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