Dehumidify the air inside the greenhouse

Folks, it’s only a few weeks before this event commences. A must attend conference & trade show highlighting the latest research, expert advice, and growing technologies.

Mr Ziv Shaked from DryGair will be at the Brinkman Australia stand during The Apex-Brinkman PCA Conference in Adelaide, and you can ask him how to control humidity and save on energy with the DryGair Dehumidifying units.

Because of evaporation from crops, humidity in greenhouses is often too high. A classical solution to this is opening the windows, so that cold air can flow inside. The downside of this is however, that the heaters have to keep the temperature levelled, which eventually costs lots of energy and money. The DryGair units are a good solution to this.

With DryGair units you can easily and efficiently dehumidify the air inside the greenhouse. Because of this the humidity and temperature inside the greenhouses are more stable.

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Posted 13 June 2017