Easydose fertiliser dosing unit

Easydose inline system

Easydose inline system

Powerplants Australia has developed an entry level fertiliser dosing (fertigation) unit designed to give highly accurate, automated EC and pH control during irrigation. The Easydose comes in two configurations, an inline model suitable for irrigation flow rates of up to 100 litres per minute (lpm), or a bypass model suitable for irrigation flow rates of up to 800lpm.

The inline unit has the capacity to pump directly to your irrigation valves, while the bypass unit is designed to be integrated into a new or existing irrigation line.

Dosing and irrigation can be controlled using either Autogrow or Priva controllers. A unit with integrated dosing control will also be available in early 2015.

The Easydose fertigation unit can achieve greater control over crop growth through greater control over plant nutrition during particular stages of crop development. More accurate nutrient and pH control means plants are getting exactly what they want, when they want, effectively improving crop quality and yield.

Easydose bypass system

Easydose bypass system

Many growers compensate for inaccurate dosing with simple dosing systems by over-dosing with fertiliser. Using excess nutrient is costly over the course of a season. The Easydose fertigation unit can help tailor nutrient dosage to the correct amount, reducing wastage significantly.

The availability of nutrients within the plant root zone is heavily dependent on pH. Improved pH control leads to optimisation of nutrient up-take by the plants, leading to greater quality and yield, while saving money on nutrients at the same time.

The standalone Easydose, with integrated EC/pH control, is easy to use and can be easily combined with existing irrigation controllers.

In conjunction with the standalone controller, the Easydose allows you to meet pH and EC targets easily, as well as record this data to improve accuracy and consistency of dosing requirements.

The system can warn in case of any alarm conditions or faults.

The Easydose can also be combined with any of a range of more advanced controllers available from Powerplants in applications where there is a requirement for further control, such as irrigation scheduling control, water recycling, climate control, etc.

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