Eclipse Enterprises launches the new TOM-System in Australia

A brand new system for easily fastening greenhouse plants to string line has recently been introduced to the Australian market – The TOM-System. Manufactured by Spanish company AgriFast (a subsidiary of Simes), the product uses small metal ring clips, applied with a high quality electronic fastener, which is powered by a Lithium ion battery. The system is designed to replace other clipping methods by allowing the user to apply clips without any damage to the plant, up to 50% faster with no specialised training required.

“Australia is a very important market for us to introduce our product, and we are proud to collaborate with Eclipse Enterprises, which is a leading company in horticulture distribution in Australia,” said AgriFast product manager Alberto Lizarraga.

“That is why we have chosen Eclipse Enterprises as our partner for Australia. They have been importing, wholesaling and distributing horticultural products for over 30 years and have direct relationships with the most important horticulture companies in the country.”
Leon Atsalis, Director of Eclipse Enterprises, explains:

“We can see the huge market potential for this product and are very pleased to be launching it in Australia,” he said.

“The TOM-System really is a revolutionary cost-saving device. One which we expect many hydroponic growers in Australia will see the value of.”

Growers around the world have recorded clipping speeds of between 1200 and 1500 applications per hour, with the new process being used in Mexico, Spain, the UK, Italy, Jordan, Canada, Finland, the Netherlands and now Australia.

Eclipse Enterprises is the sole importer for Simes and AgriFast.

For further information contact:
Eclipse Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd
Ph: (08) 8351-8611