Eclipse white-wash

White shading paint optimises the climate inside the greenhouse. Eclipse, made by Sudlac of France, is a water-based whitewash that is biodegradable. It is one of the leading products in Europe and can be used on glass, plastic and polycarbonate greenhouses.

Growers can customise their shading by choosing the most suitable Eclipse product and dilution rate. Eclipse F6 will last up to 6 months and it dissolves naturally at the end of the season depending on the rainfall. Eclipse LD will last 8 months, plus it requires a remover- LD Net. Both are applied easily at the beginning of the season by spray gun or helicopter.

Eclipse whitewash protects crops against intensive sunlight and it becomes translucent for maximum brightness on overcast days. Eclipse and Eclipse Net are harmless to crops and collecting water for re-use is possible. Eclipse protects crops from sunburn thanks to its shading effect, and reduces the temperature inside the greenhouse and regulates light intensity and humidity for a perfect climate. By limiting the need to ventilate, the CO2 remains inside the greenhouse to stimulate crop photosynthesis.

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