Editor’s Announcement

This issue marks a new chapter in the production and distribution of Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses. There is no doubt the Internet and pace of new technology has had a major influence on how publications are produced and distributed. Looking back, we began publishing the traditional way, typesetting galleys and designing on boards that were photographed and turned into printing plates. With the introduction of PCs and clever software, we progressed to multimedia production then moved to digital publishing.

Some say we have made brave decisions as a small magazine publisher, but in reality it has been more a case of moving with the technology or risk falling circulation and redundancy like so many other niche publications. However, despite this new technology, magazine publishing is still a graveyard industry, where reduced revenues are eaten away by high production costs, and electronic processing and delivery fees. Nothing has changed since the days of print. In the new digital age, production costs and digital processing and delivery providers take the lion’s share of revenue as publishers struggle to retain profitability, as well as ownership of their content. With digital processing and delivery costs that exceed print distribution costs, e-newsstands are no longer sustainable for free publications such as Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses magazine.

To remain viable in this ever-changing publishing environment, we have taken back control of our subscriber base and content by making Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses, and our back issues, freely available direct from our website. As time progresses, all our back issues will be available on the website, along with an easy search index to locate articles of interest.

Enjoy the free journey!

Steven Carruthers