ETI buys APT

Advance Profile Tech Pty Ltd (APT), the manufacturers of the ‘Sure Grow’ hydroponic trays and accessories, has been bought out by Extrusion Technologies International Pty Ltd (ETI). Managing Director of ETI, Gary Brodie, will run the APT factory for a short time at its Banyo, Qld, location before amalgamating the APT operations with those of ETI at a much larger factory in Yatala, Qld. The three extruders and two mixers at APT will be added to the eight extrusion lines of ETI.

Mr Brodie said there are several key benefits to the current customers of APT. Firstly, the same high standards of quality will be guaranteed. The machinery and the experienced personnel of APT are relocating to maintain consistency. (ETI runs an ISO9001 quality system). Secondly, Vic Lipinski, the driving force behind APT, will continue on with ETI in a sales and marketing role. Vic is vastly experienced in plastics and hydroponics and will continue to be the point of call (Mb: 0412 084 073). Thirdly, the 24-hour operation of ETI will mean much larger production capacity and shorter delivery times. ETI has the capacity to hold stock of the common products however, it will also have the capacity to quickly set up to run custom orders. Mr Brodie said he will seek to establish a close working relationship with all its clients through regular visits in order to understand the specific needs of each customer.

“The resources and experience available at ETI will add some flexibility to the products we can offer to our customers,” said Mr Brodie. “Our objective is to make our growers as efficient as possible with the highest quality products in the marketplace.”

ETI commenced operations in 1996 and has grown rapidly over the past 15 years. It

specialises in PVC profiles and has its own brand of render and plaster trims called ‘Plaster Trims and Tape’. It is the market leader in its field and has grown by establishing close links to all the major corporate players in Australia. The amalgamation of the two companies will give more economies of scale and will see Sure Grow continue as the dominant supplier of hydroponic trays in Australia and overseas.

For further information contact:
Gary Brodie,
Extrusion Technologies International Pty Ltd, 31 Computer Rd, Yatala, Qld, 4207
Ph: (07) 3807-3396
Fax: (07) 3807-3328