Expanding green roof industry

A recent Canadian survey reports green roof projects have skyrocketed, growing 115% over 2011, up 28.5% growth on 2010. The survey by ‘Green Roofs for Healthy Cities’ (GRHC) reports Washington D.C. led all major cities in North American green roof construction in 2011, adding more than 800,000 square feet. Canada is well represented in the survey with Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City joining Washington, Chicago, New York, Nashville, Philadelphia, Kansas City and Seattle in the top 10 rankings. In 2011, more than 16 million square feet of green roofs were installed across North America, well up from the million or so reported in 2004.

Canada is becoming a world leader in green roof research with programs underway at the University of Guelph and Niagara College in Ontario, along with British Columbia Institute of Technology, among others.

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