Focus on Tomato webcast

Few crop pests have received as much attention as the brown marmorated stink bug and for good reason. Aside from heavily damaging various crops in the mid-Atlantic US, this economically important pest has also been spreading westward across the US.

The latest ‘Focus on Tomato’ presentation, authored by Dr Tom Kuhar, Associate Professor of Entomology at Virginia Tech, helps consultants, growers, applied researchers, and other practitioners better understand and manage the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), particularly in tomato crops. The presentation includes:

  • A short biological and ecological background of the BMSB
  • Illustrations of the BMSB and the damage they cause
  • Population data for tomato crops
  • Insecticide efficacy data for managing the BMSB
  • Best BMSB management practices.

This presentation is open access through to 31 October 2012 and can be viewed at website: edcenter/seminars/tomato/BMSB/

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