Free test bottle of PyBo natural pyrethrum

Commercial growers with insect resistance problems are being offered a solution—a free 250 ml bottle of PyBo, which makes 250 litres of spraying solution. This is enough to treat a small patch of crop using your current application technique and equipment so you can see if it works for you!

“Western flower thrips and silverleaf whiteflies are the usual suspects for resistance but natural pyrethrum kills them,” said Pestech entomologist, Ion Staunton.

“Every insect that is contacted is killed. This means all thrips, all whiteflies, all caterpillars, leafhoppers, earwigs, etc.”

PyBo is registered for use on all fruit and vegetable crops, cut flowers and ornamental plants. And, very importantly, it has a 1-day withholding period—spray today and it can be on a plate tomorrow.

“This rapid degradation of natural pyrethrum also means workers can spray without specialised protective clothing and equipment and once the droplets have settled, it is okay for workers to re-enter the crop,” said Mr Staunton.

He added that growers of Asian greens, tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, and many cut flowers have all cut their insect crop-damage losses to almost zero once they have added natural pyrethrum to their control regime.

Is there a catch to getting the free trial bottle of PyBo?

It’s hardly a catch if it doesn’t cost you money and very little effort. Interested growers should contact the Pestech Australia entomologist and discuss their pest/crop and agree on how the trial should proceed. You get the sample, do the job, check the result — and then you’ll probably want to buy commercial packs.

“If not? Well it is a trial and if it’s not for you, that’s okay too,” said Ion Staunton.

For further information contact:
Pestech Australia
Freecall: 1800 123 457