GeoPot plant container

The GeoPot plant container attracted considerable interest among visitors at the recent Protected Cropping Australia trade show. Novel and practical, the reuseable GeoPot, distributed in Australia by Growhard Australia, is made of fabric, which is both waterproof and UV-resistant. The novel aspect of the fabric container is the option of Velcro seams, which allows the side of the container to open for easy removal of the root ball—it makes transplanting quick and easy with the least amount of transplant shock.

According to the product brochure, the GeoPot is made of a breathable fabric, that air prunes the plant’s roots when they reach the edge of the container. This air root pruning process forces the roots to branch out with more fibrous feeder roots, which are more efficient in taking up water and nutrients. The porous fabric allows air into the root zone and provides good drainage, creating a healthy environment for the roots. This combination of air root pruning and the aeration of the root zone, allows plants to reach their full potential.

With optional handles for easy carrying, the GeoPot comes in a choice of tan or black colours—the tan colour blends in well with the natural environment. All the seams are sewn with a high-quality bonded polyester thread that will withstand constant moisture and UV exposure.

Available with square or round bottom, the self-supporting GeoPot is available in sizes from ½ gallon (1.9L) to 400 gallons (1520L) at a good price. The fabric plant container is designed for years of continuous use.

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15 September 2013