Global innovations in horticulture seminar

AUSVEG Convention 2016

National Convention 23-25 June 2016

On Thursday 23 June 2016, AUSVEG in conjunction with Horticulture Innovation Australia (HIA) will hold a seminar to discuss global innovations in horticulture that will demonstrate to attendees the very latest in innovative technology from around the world. This seminar will precede the 2016 National Horticulture Convention, Trade Show and Awards for Excellence, to be held at RACV Royal Pines Resort Gold Coast, Queensland from June 23-25, 2016.

With a focus on new innovations in horticulture from world renowned experts in the field, the seminar will showcase a variety of ideas that are at the leading edge of agricultural innovation. Growers will also get an insight into technologies that will allow them to become more efficient, more productive and ultimately more profitable.

Participants will have the opportunity to field questions to speakers, while discussing the importance and challenges of incorporating scientific and technical innovation into modern Australian farming practices. This year the following speakers will cover a wide variety of topics including: Precision Agriculture, Processing Machinery, Robotic Technology, Genetic Modification, Agriculture Innovation Research, Agricultural Economics, Pollination and Plant Breeding. Speakers include:

  • Jon Entine (USA), author and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Food & Agricultural Literacy University of California
  • Dr RGF Richard Visser (The Netherlands), Chair and head Wageningen University Plant Breeding
  • Dr Amos Albert (Germany), CEO Bosch Deepfield Robotics
  • Dr David Pattemore (NZ), Pollination Scientist, Plant & Food Research’s Ruakura site, New Zealand
  • Marco Azzaretti (USA), Product Manager of Key Technology’s Advanced Inspection Systems
  • Dr David Ireland (Aust), Principal, ThinkPlace
  • Dr Joe Guenthner (USA), Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Economics University of Idaho, United States
  • Dr Gert Koostra (The Netherlands), Expertise Leader Computer Vision, Wageningen University
  • Dr Fred Ziari (USA), CEO IRZ Consulting Inc

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Posted 20 April 2016