Gold Label HydroCorn

With the advantage of light weight, high permeability, high durability and excellent sound and thermal insulating properties, expanded clay is a good ‘all round’ aggregate for use in an a variety of applications, including soilless culture. Gold Label Hydrocorn (clay pebbles), available from Growhard Australia, are manufactured using a mix of the best quality pure clays. The pebbles are baked in an open furnace using   high grade fuels, guaranteeing the absence of heavy metals and other contaminants.

Gold Label Hydrocorn carries the RHP quality mark for horticulture, which guarantees quality, stability and crop safety. In the Netherlands, the RHP foundation is responsible for the certification of substrates for consumer and horticulture. If you buy RHP certified substrates, the complete process from base materials to production and storage is guaranteed. This means that the product satisfies the highest chemical and physical requirements, and are low in weeds and free of pathogenic germs. This is all to guarantee a safe and reliable application to the grower.

This non-degradable, sterile growing medium holds moisture, has a neutral pH, and also will wick nutrient solution to the root systems of plants. Hydrocorn is also recyclable, it can be cleaned, sterilised and reused again.

Gold Label has been a market leader in manufacturing substrates in Holland for many years—dating back three generations. The company has a long history of innovation, product improvement and quality certification. The company’s professional substrates and nutrients are the result of using the finest materials in the market, and listening to the feedback from customers. Every bag of Gold label substrate is guaranteed—each batch is checked for quality and sampled before sale.

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18 September 2013