Haifa software enables ‘smart’ fertigation management

Horticulture growers, irrigation managers and advisers can now take fertigation management to a whole new level following a move by Haifa Australia, the country’s largest supplier of water soluble nutrients, to offer the SMART! Fertiliser Management software tool. The software is aimed at crops in various growth conditions, from open field to hydroponics. It calculates optimal fertiliser programs, considering nutrient requirements of crops, soil and water analysis, and tissue composition.

Haifa has signed an agreement for exclusive distribution of the SMART! Fertilizer Management Software, which can be accessed via Haifa’s online Knowledge Center (http://www.haifa-group.com/knowledge_center/expert_sofwares/) at a 20% discount. The software also enables analysis of fertilization costs for better budget control and long-term planning.

Haifa Australia Managing Director Trevor Dennis said the software allowed users to better tailor their irrigation to crops and crop needs, thereby maximising yields and also reducing environmental impact from input wastage.

“This is a unique tool that calculates the volume of fertiliser to be dissolved in a certain volume of water and then the injection rate to match the specific irrigation system and crop needs,’’ Mr Dennis said.

“It will save users time and money and therefore will further improve efficiency and productivity of operations.

“The calculation is easy and users can change crops and look at different growth periods.’’

He said while many users calculated fertiliser requirements manually, the SMART! software offered a “quick check’’ to ensure calculations were correct.

The SMART! Fertiliser Management software complements Haifa’s NutriNet software. While NutriNet seeks for the type and amount of fertilisers required according to the crop growth stage, SMART! supports the next steps in the process, including calculating the proportion of each fertilizer in the mixing tank and the irrigation injection rate.

Natan Feldman, Haifa Group, said the addition of SMART! to the company’s portfolio reflected its ongoing commitment to help growers improve practices and maximise crop yields and quality.

“With SMART! we make the task of fertiliser mix calculations and preparations a clear and simple process. Offering the solution through our online Knowledge Center ensures it can be accessed by anyone who needs it directly, anytime, anywhere,’’ Mr Feldman said.

Mr Dennis said the software also was accessible from the Haifa website via smart phones.

SMART! Chief Executive Officer Guy Sela said the company strived to provide a highly professional, yet practical and simple tool for growers to assist them tackle their challenges efficiently, cost-effectively and easily.

“That’s why we found Haifa our natural partner. Haifa is committed to support growers succeed, understands their needs and owns the intimate knowledge of how to build the best solutions for them,’’ Mr Sela said.

For more information contact: Trevor Dennis, Managing Director, Haifa Australia, on (03) 9583 4691.