Hoogendoorn launches new next generation iSii process computer at GreenTech

iSiiHoogendoorn will introduce the next generation iSii process computer at  GreenTech (10-12 June) at Amsterdam RAI. The next generation iSii delivers the same user-friendly experience as the first generation iSii, yet with a new clean software interface, new features and high durable hardware. These product modifications extend product life span, increase user-friendliness and provide growers peace of mind.

During the GreenTech at Amsterdam RAI, Hoogendoorn will introduce the next generation iSii. This new process computer features easy to use software, sustainable hardware, a detailed alarm app and unique controls. This advanced process computer will officially be revealed on June 10 at 13:00h at the Hoogendoorn booth (11.710).

New clean user interface

The next generation features a new clean user interface that is characterised by its simple configuration, allowing growers to define and display their graphs, summaries and settings according to their own preferences. The new software even includes multiple visualisations that show the current cultivation conditions at a glance and allows to change settings easily. This flexibility makes Hoogendoorn systems unique.

Solid industrial hardware
The next generation iSii comes in a new smooth hardware casing with natural ventilation. The industrial hardware complies with the latest technology and improves performance. Also, the new sensors on the weather station have been carefully selected to face tough circumstances around the world. For example, the active wind sensors are equipped with a heater to avoid freezing. Combined with modular software the next generation iSii comprises a long term investment.

Advanced controls
The next generation iSii features advanced controls, such pre-control, self-learning heating control and (pro-active) weather control that anticipate on changing conditions. This results in a stable greenhouse climate, efficient water use and low energy consumption. Via intelligent graphical set points (ViP) growers can set their own strategy, using any parameter that they desire such as radiation, wind speed and outside temperature. With these endless possibilities the next generation iSii seamlessly fits growers’ needs.

New alarm app

The next generation iSii features a new alarm app. With this new app, detailed alarms are sent to smarts phones and tablets to alert growers for deviations – for example, if temperature moves outside the desired boundary values. This enables growers to respond adequately and to have control of their cultivation from any place in the world.

For more information visit the Hoogendoorn booth (11.710) or phone: +31 10 460 80 80

Posted 7 June 2014